Thursday, October 1, 2009

Westlake Homes Kampar - Security Concerns

Precautions for Residents – Recent Thefts in Westlake Homes

As a resident, these are the precautions you could take to discourage thefts:-

  1. ensure the house front doors are properly locked and bolted;
  2. if there is a non-resident in the house looking for “someone”, kindly escort him/her to the resident’s door to ensure that he/she is not lying;
  3. if there is a non-resident in the house that looks suspicious, kindly notify the other residents and call our office/hotline immediately;
  4. please ensure that your room doors are locked properly;
  5. please ensure that your valuables are kept in a safe place. Never leave them lying around in the room;
  6. before going to sleep, please double check that the front door and room door are locked properly;
  7. never leave the grille door opened and the front wooden door unlocked;
  8. if there is any loss of property, please report to our office and the police without delay;
  9. Even if you think that you are going to be out only for a while, you should still ensure that both your room door and the main wooden door are locked properly and do not leave your valuables lying the room;

What are we doing?

a) We have requested for the police to conduct more Rhonda in our area;

b) Our security guards will be making more rounds in the Westlake area; should they observe any grille door opened or wooden door unlocked, they will attempt to inform the residents accordingly. Please note that they cannot lock the grille door or wooden door as they do not have the keys to the unit;

c) We are in the midst of compiling black-listed personnel and would appreciate any updates you may have so that we will prevent these people from entering our development;

d) We have requested to the landlords of Manchester & Yale to permit us to install dead bolt locks in the residents’ room doors and are now waiting for their reply.

“Thieves often strike when we least expect them to, therefore be on guard at all times”