Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why Humps?

In case you haven't noticed, the developer has added 19 new humps in Westlake Homes, especially in the side lanes. Students who enjoy being the fast lane may find this annoying but these humps are there to protect you and prevent unforseeable accidents from occuring. Therefore, although you may be forced to slow down, its all for a good purpose, protecting and preserving lives!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ten Reasons to Sign Up for the Sports Carnival

  1. Fun, Fun & More Fun! All events are planned and designed by students for students!
  2. It is FREE!
  3. There are cash prizes for winners!
  4. The 1st 400 applicants will receive a free T-shirt with cool designs, also designed by students!
  5. You get a chance to meet more people and make more friends.
  6. There is a variety of events, ranging from sports to designing; individual participation to team participation, all of which serve to increase your chance of winning!
  7. There will be a talk given by a waste expert at Grand Kampar Hotel on 25/10/09 5.30pm, helping us to understand what it means to be Green!
  8. There will be Free Food accompanying the talk at the Hotel.
  9. Your participation will help to ensure that MDKS will return next year, with another bigger and better event!
  10. There are still vacancies available, come and join the Biggest Event of the year at Westlake Homes.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Go Green

Why Go Green? Due to the imminent shortage of fossil fuels, all of us are called to conserve energy. In addition, burning fossils fuel will also generate carbon dioxide, which is a major contributor towards the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Experts estimate that coal could only lasts for another 80 years whereas petrol and natural gas, may last for another 50 years. It would be hard to imagine how the world would be like 100 years later but there is one thing you can do now, that is to preserve energy to protect our planet.

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (“TNB”) uses both coal and natural gas to generate electricity. Based on their survey, most consumers use 30% more electricity than they need. Their website states:-
“The more electricity you used, the more you have to pay. Therefore the simplest way to reduce your electricity bill is to use electricity efficiently. However, this does not mean that you need to compromise your standard of living or cut down your comfort level”

Therefore, by going green, not only are we saving our planet, we are also saving money!

There are numerous ways to protect our planet for our next generation as suggested below:-
  1. Close your curtains to prevent direct sunlight from entering the room;
  2. Turn off lights, computers, fan, shower heater switches and all other electrical appliances when not in use;
  3. Use natural lights wherever possible;
  4. Boil only the required amount of water;
  5. Do not overload the refrigerator;
  6. Let food cool before putting into the refrigerator;
  7. Clean fan blades regularly to ensure it works efficiently;
  8. Be kind to the trees and shrubs as they will help to reduce the greenhouse effect;
  9. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! Our local council has placed numerous recycling bins in Westlake Homes, make full use of them;
  10.  Drive less and drive smart. Car pool whenever possible;
  11.  Conserve water by not allowing the tap to run when brushing teeth or washing clothes. Take note that processing clean water will also used up energy.
 It makes Sense to save Sen!

Westlake Homes Kampar - Security Concerns

Precautions for Residents – Recent Thefts in Westlake Homes

As a resident, these are the precautions you could take to discourage thefts:-

  1. ensure the house front doors are properly locked and bolted;
  2. if there is a non-resident in the house looking for “someone”, kindly escort him/her to the resident’s door to ensure that he/she is not lying;
  3. if there is a non-resident in the house that looks suspicious, kindly notify the other residents and call our office/hotline immediately;
  4. please ensure that your room doors are locked properly;
  5. please ensure that your valuables are kept in a safe place. Never leave them lying around in the room;
  6. before going to sleep, please double check that the front door and room door are locked properly;
  7. never leave the grille door opened and the front wooden door unlocked;
  8. if there is any loss of property, please report to our office and the police without delay;
  9. Even if you think that you are going to be out only for a while, you should still ensure that both your room door and the main wooden door are locked properly and do not leave your valuables lying the room;

What are we doing?

a) We have requested for the police to conduct more Rhonda in our area;

b) Our security guards will be making more rounds in the Westlake area; should they observe any grille door opened or wooden door unlocked, they will attempt to inform the residents accordingly. Please note that they cannot lock the grille door or wooden door as they do not have the keys to the unit;

c) We are in the midst of compiling black-listed personnel and would appreciate any updates you may have so that we will prevent these people from entering our development;

d) We have requested to the landlords of Manchester & Yale to permit us to install dead bolt locks in the residents’ room doors and are now waiting for their reply.

“Thieves often strike when we least expect them to, therefore be on guard at all times”