Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Green Prize April'10

Manchester – Lot 1594

Harvard & Yale – Lot 2175 (from Harvard)

Tsing Hua – Lot 1397

Oxford – Lot 1213

Congratulations to the residents residing in the houses above during the month of April'10. Kindly come to our office to collect the vouchers!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Another inspiring talk given by Mr has definitely moved me to be a worthy millionaire!

Good morning ladies & gentlemen,

In this fine morning, let me start the day by asking you this question….who wants to be a millionaire?
I always wanted to be a millionaire. When I first started to work in 1992, I used to have this thought that in order to become a millionaire, we must always seek and find where the millions are. So, every Sunday morning, I will start my day by jogging around the rich mans area in section 5 near Jalan Gasing. My hope was maybe an old lady or an old man who walks around the area would fall down and I like a hero would go to their help and rest is like in the movies I will inherit their wealth and so on. But for years I tried but so far no success.

Well, just a week ago, I met a friend who told me that all of us are already millionaires without we really knowing it. He asked me this following questions……..

Are you willing to give away your two limbs for a million ringgit? I said no

Are you willing to give away your pair of eyes for two million ringgit? I said no.

Are you willing to give away your kidney to a rich man who is willing to pay a million for it in Taiwan? Of course I said no.
Then, you are already a millionaire. He quipped.

Ladies & Gentleman,
Look at our feet. Do anyone in this hall, has the same feet like us? Maybe the shoes could be the same brand but if we open our shoes and compare our feet, no feet is the same. Look at our hair, some short, some long, some even losing hair…….look at the colors black, brown, red. We are all special.
We are all fearfully and wonderfully made by GOD as millionaires. Let us be proud of our existence as no millions can buy what only belongs to us. I am a millionaire …………are you?