Sunday, October 31, 2010

FOR ALL MANCHESTER RESIDENTS - Survey on P1 Broadband Service

Since 29/10/10, P1 has installed new equipments onsite to improve on its internet service. Kindly let us know if you think P1’s service is acceptable by sending us an email at In your email, please state:-

1. Your opinion of P1: Like P1 / Don’t Like P1, with reasons;
2. Your Full Name;
3. Your handphone no;
4. Your house & room no.
5. Deadline: 3/11/10 (12pm)

This survey is only opened for our Manchester residents only. Your feedback is important and will play a big part in determining if P1 deserves a chance to serve you. Should you require more information, please call our Customer Service at 05-4671763 during office hours. Thank you for your feedback.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Announcement : ARP issue in Manchester

During these past few days of diagnoses on our Manchester Houses network, we discovered that 'ARP Spoofing' was widely used. Once a student or a Computer became infected by the worm activating the ARP Spoofing attack, it would effectively 'block' and deprive other users from accessing the Internet i.e 'unable to online'. In this regard, P1 would like to recommend for the tenants to install the following Firewall Softwre. Please click the link below for downloading Firewall Software:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Safety & Security Awareness Talk

   Safety & Security Awareness Talk

     When : 25 October 2010, Monday, 07.45pm

     Where : Palong, Mezzanine Floor, Grand Kampar Hotel

     Speaker : Kampar OCPD

     Deadline for Registration: 23 October, 2010 (FREE Registration)

This talk is opened to all UTAR / KTAR student. Please register at Customer Service Counter at Danish House Main Office or Manchester Office during office hours.

Refreshments will be provided
Free gifts for 1st 36 pax!

Seats available on 1st come 1st serve basis.

Hunting Line: 05-467 1666 (Main Office)

05-467 1763 (Manchester Office)

Organizer:- Danish House

Partners:- Kampar Police & Grand Kampar Hotel