Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Enjoy Smart Card at Beijing & Oxford

As a pilot project, we are implementing smart card door access for our Oxford and Beijing tenants. “What is a smart card?” you might ask. Well, this smart card system comprises of the following feature:-

• Touch & go at the main door access of your house unit;

• The smart card reader has a memory that stores up to 2,500 records of users who had gained prior access to each main door, thus providing additional safety measures to the residents;

• In future, the same smart allows the user to “touch & go” at our guard houses, pay rentals and make other payments.

To test the practicality of this system, we will commence installation at Oxford and Beijing at no extra costs to our residents. For residents who stay in Manchester, Tsinghua, Yale and Harvard, please be patient as we will need some time to collate feedback from users to ascertain that this will be a permanent feature at Danish House.